Our Motto

Climbing academic excellence


To create a generation that is academically sound, enhancing holistic education to meet challenges beyond our time while fostering lifelong learning through a detailed curriculum meeting international standards


Nationally and internationally recognized, providing an ambience conducive to promote excellence


These values are aimed at helping pupils/students to realize their full potentials

 Excellence

 Honesty

 Discipline

 Leadership

 Respect

 Responsibility


• To provide the best and most memorable experiences for the pupils we serve.

• To help them achieve high and to aspire to ever greater heights.

• To prepare them for life locally and the global society beyond.

• To inspire our pupils of a lifelong love learning.

• To foster in them the imagination, independence, confidence and resilience to deal with life in a positive and productive way

• To maintain high standards of behaviour and high expectations where everyone feels respected.

Pre-school/Primary Overview

The pre-school follows the Montessori system of teaching

Primary 1 to 6

Combines the Ghana Education Service and the Cambridge primary curriculum until JHS where parents may have to choose which curriculum to follow.


Students should report to school latest by 7:40 am before the bell rings a 7:45am. Breakfast will be at 7:30am. Children arriving after 8:00am are marked late and will be required to sign he late book in the office. Assembly is on Thursdays and Mondays at 7:45 am. Pupils must be in their classes for the beginning of lessons at 8:00 am

School finishes at 3:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays at 2:00pm to make way for training of teachers. After school activities begin at 3:15 pm and end at 4:15 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.

Students will be dismissed at 3:00pm; students can stay on until 4:30pm with the supervision of teachers. After 5:00pm parents would be made to pay a fine of Thirty Ghana Cedis (30gh) and after 6:00pm Fifty Ghana Cedis (50gh).

In all instances of early departure from school, the following procedures should be followed:

a. A presentation of a written or a face-to-face (no phone calls) request from parent or guardian (for emergency reasons) to the student affairs officer.

b. Parents will be contacted if late pick up from school becomes habitual as this is unfair to both the child and the staff.

Visitors must sign in at the gate when they arrive. Visitors must present a valid ID to the front office.

 Do not bring guests to school without prior arrangement.

 Parents or other adults should not walk on the school corridors or to the classroom without prior arrangement with the teacher.

 If your ward is picked from school by your driver or nanny, they must have an ID with their picture on it for identification.

 You must fill, sign and attach a copy of passport picture of your driver or nanny.


• You may not loiter in the corridors, cafeteria or the washrooms.

• You may not eat in the corridors, classrooms or washrooms

• You may not run in corridors, cafeteria or washrooms

• You may not use any profane or vulgar language or make excessive noise

• You may not draw, post fliers or write on walls, bulletin boards, doors ,desks, books or any other school property

• Do not leave belongings on the floor outside of or on top of your cupboard


• Keep tables, seats and floor clean.

• Use your inside voice in the cafeteria.

• Keep cafeteria lines orderly: no pushing, running, horse playing or cutting lines.

• No loitering, be seated unless otherwise instructed.

• No books are allowed.

• Ordering food from outside without an approval from the administration is not allowed.

• Show respect to those who serve you. Remember to say’ thank you’

• Drop litter in the bins provided.


 Absenteeism/ lateness: Students enrolled are required to attend school each day. Any student who absents himself/herself without permission or notice from parents to the school authorities will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary actions

 Any student who absents himself or herself without justifiable reasons for a total of 21 days in a year will not be promoted to the next class

 A student absent for any reason should promptly make up specific assignments missed and or complete additional in-depth study assigned by the teacher

 All anticipated absence must be cleared by the principal at least one full day before absence. All assignments missed will be due on the day the student returns to school

 If you are absent for school-related reasons or for an anticipated or planned absence, make arrangements with your teacher(s) for assignments prior to your absence. For students with excused absences, make-up tests will be scheduled at a time designated by the teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to take the test at that time. If you fail to do this, the teacher is obliged to re-schedule the make-up.


Pupils who accidentally damage school property must report promptly to the class teacher, students’ affairs officer or Principal.

If the damage is as results of careless behavior, the student will be expected to pay the cost of repairs.


North Hills International School procures and sells the approved and note books to students. Parents are to pay for the books before students can own them.


Any student found to be cheating during examinations and or determined to cheat will receive a zero, and parents / guardians will be notified.

Disciplinary actions may be taken by either the subject teacher or by a school administrator.

Pupils are not permitted to have:

• Tattoos

• Body piercing

• Body writings

• Sun glasses

• Wallets with long chains

• Hats

• Caps

• Bandannas and other headgears.

School uniforms and P.E uniforms can only be purchased from North Hills International School.


Pupils are expected to come to school in their uniforms every day. If you arrive at school out of uniform, your parents/guardians will be called. You will be kept out of class until you are dressed appropriately and all class time you miss will count as an unexcused absence. Violations of the dress code will result in incremental disciplinary action.


1. Burberry skirt( at or below knee level) and a white shirt

2. White socks

3. Black shoe


i. The footwear must be completely black

ii. No flip-flops, high heels, platform shoes, trainers or boots allowed.

iii. No jewelry except one pair of earrings

iv. Girls should keep hair short. Natural long hair must be tied at the back with a plain band.

v. Girls can have a short “Rasta” hairdo or “corn-row”, tied back with a plain band. No weave-on or hair extensions are allowed.


1. Burberry shorts (at or below knee level)

2. White shirt

3. White socks

4. Black shoes


 Footwear should be completely black, laced-up shoes or closed toe and heel no trainers are allowed.


BOYS: Blue sports shirt with logo

Blue sports short with logo

GIRLS: Red sports shirt with logo

Red sports shorts with logo

NOTE: sports shoes/ runners (canvas shoes)


• Boys hair must be kept low leveled and neatly groomed at all times

• Students should not allow their nails to grow and must not paint their finger or toe nails.

• Uniforms must be clean and properly tucked in at all times.

• Cosmetics make-up is not allowed.


 Students will bring materials to work on (homework, books to read from the library and only school acceptable materials are permitted).

 After school detention will run from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

 Students placed on after school detention will not be permitted to participate in any extra- curricular activities that day

 Do not address anyone other than the detention teacher

 No communication.


1. Reception

2. Staff room

3. Store room

4. Kitchen


The disciplinary committee comprises the head teacher, the coordinators and teachers. They meet on serious offences.

The committee may decide that a student be:

I. Put on detention

II. Suspended

III. Expelled in extreme cases.

Parents of students who have been before the disciplinary committee will be notified. A student who has had three (3) detentions will have a suspension following incident and then has the risk of being expelled.


Most concerns /complaints can be resolved with a phone call or an email to the teacher, coordinators or head teacher in order to effectively address concerns / complaints, parents and guardians should follow the steps:

1. Contact the appropriate class teacher

2. Contact the students affairs officer

3. Contact the head teacher

• The administration and staff may use the following means to communicate:

a. Email, phone etc.

b. Teachers should be contacted by the following ways :

i. You may directly call the class teacher’s mobile phone during the day

ii. You may send an email

iii. You may send an SMS


Parents and guardians should inform administrators of changes to students, parent /guardian home address, telephone number and email address.


A full list and of co-curricular and activities will be posted after the term starts and students will have an opportunity to explore each one that looks interesting.

• Swimming

• Basketball

• Taekwondo

• Football

• Table tennis

• Ballet

• Dance


North Hills International School pupils will have the opportunity to go on field trips at various times throughout the school year. We are committed to taking the classroom into the community. This extends to all areas of the curriculum and co-curricular activities.

School trips are designed to promote continuity and progress in knowledge and understanding of the curriculum and develop problem solving skills

For all field trips, you will be expected to;

I. Come along with field trip permission slip signed by your parent or guardian a day before the trip. No phone calls will be accepted

II. Wear your uniform unless otherwise specified

III. No money will be refunded if pupil does not participate in the planned trip without a confirmed excuse.


A lost property box has been placed in front of the store room. Pupils and parents may check this box for lost items. Unclaimed items are given to charities at the end of each term. Parents should ensure that all books, uniforms and other belongings are labeled to ensure a prompt return of such item if they are misplaced.


The sickbay is located on the ground floor next to the head teacher’s office and is managed by two registered nurses. Our medical provider is Crown Medical Centre located in Adenta.

The school nurse is always available in the sick bay to do everything she can to comfort a child who has become sick whiles in school. To try and prevent the spread of disease, please monitor your child’s health and watch for:

• Running nose

• High temperature

• Diarrhea

• Red, swollen or discharging eyes

• Sneezing

• Vomiting

• Rashes

• Irritability, unusually tired or lethargic

Please do not bring your child to school if they display any of the above symptoms.

In case of any infectious illness, please notify the school immediately and do not bring the child to school.

Administering of medication:

The school nurse will only administer medication if the parent has a signed permission for them to do so. Parents will fill out the medication form, attach a copy and give the medication to the nurse. Do not leave medication in your child’s bag or leave it with the security man. Kindly drop all medications in the sickbay when dropping your ward.

Illness, injury and medication, health and safety:

Parents are expected to complete a medical form, part of which is to be completed by a doctor to give us information about your child’s well-being. It is also important to tell us of any changes to your child’s health. This information will be kept confidential.

In the events of an injury or illness, staff will assess the injury:

1. If it is minimal, first aid will be given and an injury report from treatment

2. If the injury is minor, first aid will be given and the parents may be called to collect the child

3. If the injury is alarming, parents will be called and the school nurse will attend to the child. If necessary, the school nurse will accompany the child to an agreed hospital where the parent can meet them and take over.

4. Parent will be responsible for all the payment