North Hills International School is committed to an admissions policy that enables the school to accomplish its mission and fulfil its vision in a manner that is fair, transparent and consistent with its core purpose.

The school subscribes to an equal opportunity admission policy which makes it possible for pupils of all ethnic, religious, racial and socio-economic background to enrol at the school.

The admission process has been designed to be fair and is based on merit while fostering inclusion.

We accept applications from students for Early Childhood, Lower and upper primary schools regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion and national background. The school considers the following as essential for admission to North Hills International School:

1. Competence in the English language as determined by the entrance examination and/or educational records and certificates and admission interview.

2. An age-appropriate level of educational aptitude, skills as determined by the interview, examination, and educational records.

3. Like-mindedness with our student profile qualities such as caring, sympathetic, faithful and self-disciplined as determined by the interview and educational records.

4. All paperwork requested within the application package must be completed and submitted before entrance into the school. The School requires all student records or supporting documents to the admission forms in English or translated into English from the applicant’s previous school. The School reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.

5. All fees must be paid before students are placed on the class schedule.

6. If a question regarding placement arises, the following factors will be considered: School records, age and results of entrance test or most current standardized tests.

7. The school reserves the right to exercise discretion where students are considered “uncertain” in relation to their education records and results of entrance exams.

8. Students with documented special education needs will have that taken into consideration and where possible, be admitted and given the necessary support, consistent with what NIS believes in as far as offering special education needs is concerned.

9. Parents or guardians of prospective students must ensure that all information relevant to the application is given. Any lack of disclosure such as disciplinary action, expulsion and suspension a requirement for Special Educational Support, and a medical condition may result in the student not being admitted or being asked to leave when discovered.

10. Gifted and Talented students will be supported to challenge themselves further. They will be supported to go the extra mile.

Waiting List

1. If a student has passed the necessary admissions requirements, but there is no space available, he/she may be placed on a waiting list.

Late Admissions

1. A student may be admitted to the school at any time during the school year provided there is space available, and it is determined that the student will be able to follow learning without any major difficulties.


• Admission Forms and application packets can be purchased from the Administration

• The completed application form with all its relevant supporting documents must be submitted

• A date is scheduled to meet the admission the admission committee. However, if there is much time, the committee could be met on the day of submission of the forms

• Pupils who fall within the age or class bracket to write the entry exams are scheduled for that

• Results of the entry exams are emailed to the parent and admission confirmed with an admission letter. This is when all necessary requirements have been satisfied. The entry exams is designed for year 1 to year 6.

• Interview: The admission process includes, but is not limited to, an interview with the applicant to be held by the Head Teacher and the head of admissions and the class teacher

Admission Panel

The panel shall consist of the Head Teacher, Administrator (Human Relations & Communications), Administrator (Welfare & Logistics) and the General Manager


Applicants should file their application early especially regarding the start of the academic year.

NIS works on admissions all year, sometimes notifying candidates of admission as early as April. We screen candidates in the order of application received. Please note that the entrants’ folder for admission cannot be reviewed by the Admission Committee until all steps in the admission procedure are completed.

Age and Class Divisions are as follows:

10 months to 2years =Creche

2 to 3 years = Nursery 1

3 and half years = Nursery 2

Four years = KG1

Five Years = KG2

Six to 12 Years = Year 1 to Six