At NIS, our youngest children in crèche (age 1-2 years), nursery 1 and 2 ( ages 2-3 years) and Kindergarten 1 and 2 (4-5). At Kindergarten, children are taught Numeracy, Literacy Environmental Studies and Creativity.

We believe that skills taught to a child at early stages form the foundation of other skills such as language recognition, proper speech, alphabets identification, basic mathematical skills, and much more. It is rightly said that a school increases a child’s learning experiences which are, at times, missed out at home and in society. It is during these crucial years that a child develops the attitude and aptitude, thereby allowing him to attain success in later years of his life.

The Pedagogy is based on play way methods, which is essentially about learning through imitation and handling of various natural materials like natural fiber, clay, wood pieces, etc. Our innovative approach focuses on understanding the feel of everything and improve the power of observation. The feel of plants, the warmth of sun brings calmness amongst the little angels who get ready to focus on the classroom instructions. In the classroom, individual attention is given to each and every kid so they feel involved in the learning process of the class.

Our Teachers

All the teachers are graduate in early childhood education, young and enthusiastic about being with toddlers.

They are creative and a live wire so that the students would be comfortable being with them.

Trained to be able to make prudent observations by assisting a child by going up to them.

Questions the children to encourage them to expand their thinking and problem-solving skills.

Displays fairness, sensitivity, patience and kindness toward the children

From Year 1 (5-6) to Year 6 (10-11) follow a hybrid system which is a blend of the Cambridge curriculum (Numeracy, Literacy and Science) and the GES accredited. These will run together until the child gets to year 6 where parents will decide to strictly go by the Cambridge curriculum or stick strictly with the GES curriculum and year 6 who will decide to go strictly by the Cambridge curriculum will write the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination in English, Mathematics and Science. Students are taught French, Citizenship, History, Geography, Music, Twi, Personal, Social, and Health Education and Information Technology.

Weekly worship is held on Wednesday at 8:00am to imbibe Christian tenets in them.